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ALYSSA SOEBANDONO N DESTA LIBURAN - Video Ciuman!!Circulating video Kiss Soebandono Desta and youtube, no doubt by the celebrities who often accosted Icha.

Twitter Alyssa Soebandono

Alyssa choose confirm via twitter, as dipostingnya the following:

1. "create asked, in a video circulating it indeed myself and that's when I still had a relationship with Desta. And I can't avoid it. "

2. "Video was indeed taken while still courting status. now I have not the same Desta again. I live my own life so well with it. "

3. "and it's all yg do in the video as the courting yg still normal, not a sex tape or other pornography."

4. "And about this news, I will not say 2 times. I am simply clarifying once and if there is a nice asked please see my timeline. "

5. "thank you for all that's been my support. Because whatever happens I am going to keep living my life without having to talk about the news. "

6. "And for running the fasting that want to keep before, don't ngomongin people. Later reward before ga counted. "

7. "think of it like watching a movie in which a scene like that was exceptional. Hehe. Anything that people talk about me, I accept it all. "

8. "we all have the privacy of each life. Please keep each other. Thank you for your understanding and once again I apologize. "

Before, it started to sound a word the relationship between the two. However, whenever the question concerning the diberondong, both of which were often circumvent, though a couple of times a sign both of them have a special relationship is rarely seen on twitter.

As reported previously, a video titled SOEBANDONO N DESTA HOLIDAYS have been posted since August 21, 2011, by the owner of the account Gembalgembil. Alyssa looks and are enjoying the holidays in Desta London United Kingdom, and in the video highlight one of the historic centre of the country in the Kingdom, and the video it appears to be taken directly by Desta.